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Take a listen to this Radio Boston interview which covers the Coalition’s  three policy priorities (Transportation, the Cliff Effect, and Breakfast After the Bell) as well as a first person account of the challenges of living with food insecurity.  The interview is with Shannon Yaremchak (board member of The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts) and Andrew Morehouse (The Food Bank’s executive director).

Stories of Hunger

Real people from every community are at risk of hunger children, elders, veterans, people with disabilities…even working families earning minimum or near-minimum wage incomes.

Here are their stories:

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Together, we can end hunger in our community.

The Coalition to End Hunger is a western Massachusetts initiative to raise public awareness about hunger and engage the public to learn about, explore and act on the magnitude of hunger across our region.

The Coalition to End Hunger unites social service agencies, political leaders and members of the business community to leverage their leadership, knowledge and resources to address the underlying causes of hunger. We envision a western Massachusetts where no one goes hungry and everyone has access to nutritious food.

Our goal isn’t to “feed the line” of hungry neighbors in need; it’s to “shorten the line” by working together so that struggling households don’t have to choose between healthy food and adequate housing, health care, education …

Ultimately, we want to debunk the stigma associated with hunger and erase the shame and fear surrounding it.

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1 in 8

of us is at risk of hunger in the four counties of western Mass.

The reality is that 1 in 8 of us is at risk of hunger in western Massachusetts.  We know this because last year The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts delivered almost 9 million meals to people who requested food assistance.

And this number doesn’t even include those who are too embarrassed or stigmatized to ask for help.

We should do something about this.

To learn more about hunger in your community, Explore here.

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