Food As Medicine: Community Heal Thyself

Last month in Pittsfield, Dr. Mark Pettus addressed all three Food Access Collaboratives in Berkshire County at a special Summit. He brought new light to what many of us already knew at a gut level: access to high quality, healthy food can play a big part in improving the health of our community. Just as lungs can get better when people stop smoking, the body too can heal itself with a better diet. The research is out there, the strategies are being identified, and the interest is growing. It is now just a matter of moving forward. The connection between the medical community and social services agencies is a key to this success – so much that Dr. Pettus referred to those in the room as ‘agents of hope’. We look forward to this connection becoming even stronger in the months to come as patients are screened for food insecurity (and other social determinants of health) and then referred to services that can help improve their access to healthy food.
To hear short clips from Dr. Pettus, watch the video below and click on the following links:

How Quality of Food Can Reverse Disease

Healthy Food and DNA