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The Coalition to End Hunger is composed of more than 70 members representing 40 entities (business, healthcare, non-profit, government, faith-based). Together, we amplify our voice and broaden (beyond food) the actions we take to achieve our goal.

We have three teams working on our three priorities:

SERVICE INTEGRATION TEAM is developing a network of integrated services, including health and nutrition, to connect with those who are at risk of hunger because they don’t know where their next meal will come from.  (Service Integration Team.pdf)

POLICY TEAM is identifying and supporting changes to statewide public policies and health systems that will help to resolve the underlying causes of hunger. (Policy Team.pdf)

COMMUNICATION & EDUCATION TEAM is addressing the lack of understanding about hunger and the stigma associated with it through a targeted media campaign. (Communication & Education Team.pdf)

One early success of the Coalition to End Hunger is the implementation of a Food Insecurity Screening and Referral Initiative at the Holyoke Health Center. It started as a pilot with the pediatrics unit and now has expanded to the entire center (including its Chicopee branch). We will facilitate a similar initiative this fall in Franklin County. (FISRI one pager.pdf)

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

Service Integration October 16 10:30 AM on Zoom

Policy October 22  3:30 PM on Zoom

Communication & Education January 16 3:30 PM in Hatfield

Quarterly Meeting February 11 9:00 AM in Hatfield


Contact Alan Dallmann (
for more information about these meetings.

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The History Behind The Coalition to End Hunger

The Coalition to End Hunger was launched in February 2018 after a 12-month planning process dubbed “The Task Force to End Hunger.” The goal of the Task Force was to understand better the state of hunger in western Massachusetts, its underlying causes and potential solutions to end hunger in the future, not simply feed those who are at risk of hunger.

Two dozen “thought leaders” from across all four counties of western Massachusetts, representing diverse sectors of our community, met monthly for a year to discuss this topic and to develop a plan of action. The resulting Action Plan recommended three priorities, which the Coalition to End Hunger has adopted as the preliminary basis of its action. They are:

  1. Integrate social services with food assistance so that households at risk of hunger gain access to support and resources to address the underlying causes of hunger
  2. Advocate for public policy at the state level to provide resources and opportunities to solve the scourge of hunger
  3. Launch a media awareness campaign to reverse the stigma associated with hunger

The Action Plan does not have all the answers. Rather, it is a road map for action, and will change and shift over time. We invite community members, businesses, organizations and public officials to be part of this evolving Coalition. There are many, many facets to ending hunger. We need everyone’s passion, energy and expertise in order to succeed in achieving this goal.

The full report may be found here.

Coalition Members

Baystate Health
Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Holyoke Medical Center
Holyoke Health Center
Hilltown Community Health Center
Community Health Center of Franklin Co.
Caring Health Center
Baystate Mason Square Neighborhood Health Center
Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts

Social Services
The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
United Way of Franklin County
Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Services
United Way of Pioneer Valley
Greenfield Housing Authority
Amherst Survival Center
Rachel’s Table
Project Bread
Community Action Pioneer Valley
Center for Human Development
Valley Opportunity Council
WestMass ElderCare
Square One
The Center for Self Reliance
Clinical and Support Options
*The Community Builders at Leyden Woods
*Multicultural Bridge

*Early Design members of the Hunger Task Force only

Berkshire Interfaith Organizing
*Congregation B’Nai Israel
Providence Ministries
Catholic Charities

Western Mass. Economic Development Council
Planning and Economic Development, , City of Holyoke
Boston Bay Consulting
*Hampden County Regional Employment Board
*Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO

Williams College
Greenfield Community College
Healthy Hampshire
*UMass Donahue Institute
*University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Congressman Neal’s Office (US)
Congressman McGovern’s Office (US)
City of Westfield
Governor Baker’s Office
State Senator Eric Lesser’s Office
State Rep Paul Mark’s Office
State Rep Bud Williams’ Office
Springfield Food Policy Council
*State Senator Downing’s Office — no longer has an active office
*United Stated Department of Agriculture
*Massachusetts Department of Public Health







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